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Shades of Gray
How to Enter and Rules

There are some new rules. 

Please read carefully.

Rules vary between shows.

RULES & ENTERING Shades of Gray 2024




  • Shades of Gray 2024 is open to all residents of New Mexico

  • All images are judged by a panel of 3 professional photographers before being accepted into the show.

  • You may enter a maximum of 3 images

  • All images selected for the show must be priced for sale

  • Sale proceeds will be split 70% to photographer and 30% to Shades of Gray

  • Images entered into previous ANMPAS or Shades of Gray shows will NOT be allowed into the 2024 show


Do not submit sepia, selenium or any other color toning of prints. Keep your images tonality as “Shades of Gray.”


Call for Entries begins Sunday, September 1st 2024.

Call for Entries ends 11:59 PM Monday, September 30th, 2024.

Enter with plenty of time in order to allow you to make changes or substitute one image for another. Substitutions can be done online up until the submission deadline.

Do not alter your image after it has been accepted. This may disqualify it from receiving an award.

Payment is $20.00 per image, up to a maximum of 3 images.

Go to the link below to access Smarter Entry.

Smarter Entry will be handling the image uploads and payments for the show. If you have not entered an ANMPAS or Shades of Gray show before, you will need to create a free account with Smarter Entry.

The email address you use to log in to Smarter Entry is the same one which your acceptance and other communications will be sent. For this reason, please do not use “dummy” or “disposable” email addresses.

Smarter Entry will walk you through the process for image entry and payment. 

Payments will be accepted from major Credit Cards ONLY (NO PayPal or checks, please.)

A note about AI/Composite images.

ANMPAS/Shades of Gray is a photographic art show. No AI generated images will be accepted.

Any enhancement should be done by the artist.

Artists may use their own photographs to make a composite image and use filters to enhance their image.

AI software is a powerful tool and can create stunning imagery, but this show is about human artists and their vision.

Triptychs (3) and Diptychs (2) are a series of images that convey a theme,

or one image split into 2 or 3.


They may be entered in the show as one image* and will be judged and sold as

one. Limit one triptych or diptych per person.

Size limits: Maximum widthincluding space between prints 60 inches.

                  Maximum height 30 inches.


*Be careful, if one image is weak it may affect the scoring of the whole piece.

Creating a JPEG for Entry

  • The file you upload to Smarter Entry must be a JPEG.

  • The size should be no larger than 8 MB.

  • Do not sign or print your name or use a watermark on your digital entries. Images with names, signatures and/or watermarks will be automatically disqualified.

  • Make sure that your digital images are titled correctly so that you will not have to go through the process more than once. The filename should be the title of your image (do not include your name). For example: Mountains_at_Sunset.jpg

  • All prints should have a title of no more than 25 characters. This makes it easier to print the program and title cards. 

  • Please do not change titles after submitting.

  • Do not submit sepia, selenium or any other color toning of prints. Keep your images tonality as “shades of gray.”



To enter the show, go to Smarter Entry.

Link: HTTPS://



If you have a problem with the entry system, please contact us at:



Photographers will be notified of their selection into the show by mid-October. Upon notification, selected photographers will be responsible for submitting high-quality prints that adhere to the Presentation Rules.


Presentation Rules


To achieve museum like quality in our show, please follow these rules.


The printed image, without mat and frame, should be no smaller than 11x14 (approx. 150 sq/in). It should not exceed 30x30 inches (900 sq/in).

Unframed images minimum size 16x20


A mat of at least 3 inches and a frame of at least 2 inches is recommended, but you may use other dimensions if done tastefully.


The use of glass, acrylic or none is up to the artist.


Mats shall be black, white or any shade of gray.

No color in the mats, after all this is a black and white show.


Unframed Prints

Metal, acrylic, and canvas will be accepted with or without a frame. Minimum size 16x20.

They do not require glass or acrylic fronts.

Floating frames are acceptable.

All unframed prints must be wired correctly so there is a even top height among all photos throughout the gallery. Sawtooth hangers are not accepted.

Wire should be attached to the frame about 1/3 from the top of the frame, with the hanging point of the wire EXACTLY two inches from the top of the frame.

Check with your printer about hanging/presentation options.


Frames should accentuate and complement the photographic art, not detract from it.

All accepted images if framed must be in a plain (non-ornate) wood or metal black frame. Unfinished wood, weathered wood, fiber or plastic frames will not be allowed. Glass or acrylics optional on all frames.


All frames must be wired correctly so there is a even top height among all photos throughout the gallery.

Wire should be attached to the frame about 1/3 from the top of the frame, with the hanging point of the wire EXACTLY two inches from the top of the frame.




Frames must be ready to hang in the gallery upon arrival on intake day.


Labeling: Your name, phone number, and title of your image should be securely attached to back of your artwork and clearly legible. If you use a Post It note, you must secure the Post It with tape. This helps the ANMPAS committee identify images correctly.



You will be asked for your price(s) a few weeks before the show opens. After that time, you will not be able to change the price, since the wall placards will have been printed. Make a note of the email address you submitted for Smarter Entry and be sure to watch for notices about pricing and other deadlines.

Considerations When Pricing Your Work:

Remember that all sale proceeds will be split 70% to photographer and 30% to ANMPAS.

Be sure to account for your framing and printing costs. Obviously, the size of your image will play a part in the price that you ask.

Some images sell more than once. Be sure your price covers the cost of possibly printing and framing a second print.



Note: You only need to print and frame your image(s) if they are accepted into the show.

New Partnership!

The Annual NM Photo Art Show and Shades of Gray is going to partner with the Corrales Bosque Gallery.

The award winning images from the show will have the opportunity to be displayed at

the Corrales Bosque Gallery for one month following our show at Expo New Mexico.


This is an exciting chance to have your art displayed at a popular gallery!

More opportunity to sell your work!

The sales split the same 70% to the artist, 30% to the gallery.


How it works:

After Shades of Gray closes, a Corrales Bosque Gallery representative will take the award winning prints to the Gallery where they will be showcased on their theme wall for one month. The Gallery is located at 4685 Corrales Road.  Please invite friends and family to view your work.  The artist will pick up their unsold pieces from Corrales Bosque Gallery at the end of the 30 day period.


Show Dates:


All activities will take place in the Fine Arts building at Expo NM, the State Fairgrounds

Enter thru Gate 3 at San Pedro and Copper


Intake of artwork*:

Wednesday, December 4th 2024 from 9am to 5pm.



Opening Reception for Artist:

Saturday, December 7th 2024 for 2pm to 4pm.



Open to the public:

The show will be open to the public starting December 8th from 10am to 5pm and runs throughout December til Sunday the 29th.

The show will be closed Wednesdays and Christmas Eve and Christmas day.



Pick up day*:

Monday December 30th from 9am to 5pm. Artist can pick up any unsold artwork.

*If you are unable to drop off or pick up your artwork yourself, please make arrangements with someone who is available on those dates.

Artwork cannot be stored after December 30th.

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Metal prints

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