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Shades of Gray 2023 Judges

Shades of Gray is New Mexico's premier Black and White photography show.

We usually receive over 200 entries from over 100 artists.

With this type of turn out we need qualified experts to judge such a field. 

This years judges are:

David Douglas

I have been taking photographs since 1967. With my camera, I have traveled the world, lived in Ethiopia as a Peace Corps Volunteer, and studied black and white photography in New York City.

With a passion for capturing the story of New Mexico in black and white photography, my photographs evoke a thoughtful, often soulful response. I am inspired by the art, culture, history, and people of New Mexico passing from my heart to my lens. I have dedicated myself to capturing New Mexico’s spirit and unmatched beauty.

My photographs have been published in New Mexico Magazine and for several years, I have exhibited in the Annual New Mexico Photographic Art Show, Shades of Gray, in Albuquerque where I won a Judge’s Choice award. I have been honored in international competitions sponsored by the Santa Fe Workshops and the Monochrome Awards. The Ashton Gallery in San Diego, California, the Western Gallery in Dallas, Texas, and the Tularosa Basin Gallery of Photography in Carrizozo, New Mexico have also represented my work.

My recent exhibitions include:

  • Donabe Gallery and Grill solo exhibition, Taos (June 1 - September 4)

  • Taos Studio Tour (Labor Day Weekend)

  • Taos Fall Arts (September 6-17)

  • Harwood Museum, Taos “Open Wall” (August 3 - November 2)

  • New Mexico Cancer Center, Albuquerque (August 22 - November 17)

In addition to my exhibits, I have published a book, “Poetry in Black and White”, in collaboration with my cousin, a life-long poet.

My photographs are included in private collections in New Mexico, Colorado, California, New York, Texas, Washington DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and the Netherlands.

Jane Selverstone

JS B&W.png

I am a retired geologist with a long-standing passion for photography. My father taught me darkroom basics when I was a teenager, and I have had a camera with me for most of my life since then. I studied black-and-white photography with Emmet Gowin while in college, but consider myself to be largely self-taught.


I served for 30 years on the geology faculties of Harvard University, University of Colorado, and the University of New Mexico. During these years, I took graduate students with me to carry out fieldwork throughout the European Alps and around the U.S. Photographic documentation of geological relationships in the field and under the polarizing microscope was an important component of my research; these images were used in my classes, and in scientific presentations and publications. While my camera served primarily as a research tool, I always enjoyed keeping my eyes open for the artistic aspects of rock samples and landscapes. Since retiring, I have dedicated increasing amounts of time to photography, particularly in black and white. Geological subjects still call to me.


I have been involved for several years with the Enchanted Lens Photography Club. Interactions with other New Mexican photographers in the club have contributed greatly to my growth as a photographer. This show is my first experience as a judge, but I have helped to hang several previous Shades of Gray and Annual New Mexico Photographic Art Shows, and I have received merit awards in three prior shows.


More of my work can be seen at

Lance Ozier


I am a passionate, experienced amateur photographer. I discovered my passion relatively late in life (age 50). In 2001, when both kids had left home for college, I bought a little Canon point-and-shoot and began looking at the world in a different way. In 2003 I got a DSLR in anticipation of a three-week trip to Africa in 2004, but shot on Auto until 2007, when I was strongly encouraged by National Geographic photographer Nevada Weir at a Santa Fe Workshop class to make the leap to Manual. So I did.

I am primarily a landscape photographer – including sunrises, weather, and old cemeteries – and when I retired from my professional career as a public broadcasting executive in 2012, moving from Boston to New Mexico was motivated to no small degree by the amazing landscapes of the Southwest U.S. Since then I have expanded my photographic comfort zone to include live events ranging from rodeos to bicycle races to opera dress rehearsals and publicity photos.

I have taught a beginning digital photography class at UNM Continuing Education for ten years, and I have worked as the photography “coach” on numerous Road Scholar photography tours in Utah and Arizona. My landscape photography has been used in educational and professional websites based in Israel and Sweden, and my opera photography has appeared in ABQ Arts, the Albuquerque Journal, the Santa Fe New Mexican, New York Arts (an international journal for the arts), Opera America, the Financial Times (U.K.) “Weekend” section, the WFMT-Chicago website, and on numerous opera singers’ professional websites.





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